Who Owns Your UX Philosophy? – Activity 5

The last activity – for last week, anyhow – requires the reading of this mercifully short article and a perusal of the comments.

I have done so, and came to the unoriginal conclusion that there is a ridiculous amount of thinking to be put into making an app. (This is almost completely off topic, but the best gem I found in the comments was a bloke repeating something that his wife said – “Before I walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, I find that I must first remove my own.” Talk about depth. Blew my tiny mind. Never even heard that version before.)

So, to tuck it neatly inside the hardened walls of a dry fruit seed’s ovary, UI is how something looks and behaves, and UX is how we react to that. Good user interfaces are achieved through designing them to suit our ways of thinking and perceiving, and good user experience is achieved through a good user interface. It’s difficult to have one without the other. In order for something to meet the expectations of us humans, we have to go through a lot of surveying and studying to get the UX right before launching ahead with the UI, or it’ll go pear-shaped. If you go to all the trouble of designing something without first researching into what people perceive as appropriate and it makes no sense, you’re going to look like a twonk and the UX is going to be disastrous. Think ahead, wear other people’s shoes, and give both UI and UX equal places in your life, because then everything will be peachy.


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