UI and Capability – Activity 3

Anyone with half a grasp on numbers and how they work will notice that I skipped Activity 2. Well, yes and no. I’ll get around to it. Meanwhile, here’s 3.

“Take a moment and think about your most used web or device app.” Hands down, would have to be Outlook. Since emails are something I send and receive on a daily basis, I would prefer Outlook to cater a little more to people who’ve got ten emails to reply to simply by incorporating an “open in new tab” button. If there already is one, they’ve concealed it remarkably well, so forgive me if I’m barking up a non-existent tree here. Anyhow, here’s my super-quickly-done solution:


I didn’t have the font, so it stands out like a sore thumb, which is apparently a pretty noticeable ailment. Don’t ask me why.

The end.


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