UI Design with a Purpose – Activity 1

No to NoUI – a passionate and subjective article on invisible UI, and, in a nutshell, how it has no place in this world. Having read through the article, I was tasked to consider the differences and similarities between ‘invisible design’ and UI design that is ‘visually beautiful’. With that in mind I must answer the following question – can both meet the goal of great experience when properly balanced? My immediate answer is yes, and seeing as the article was subjective, I’m allowing my reply to feature a few more personal pronouns than usual with a lot of personal opinion behind them. There’s a place for beautiful interfaces, and there’s a place for no interfaces.  The writer of this article is a little too adamant upon the subject, so it could largely be my perversity speaking here, but I think that there is plenty of room for the best interface to be no interface. It all depends on the product, in the end, and who the target market is.


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