Activity 2 – Visual Hierarchy and Weight

The article on visual hierarchy, despite having an awkwardly named web address (52weeksofux) was very helpful in establishing how a website, or any design, for that matter, should have certain elements bolder and more apparent than others. abduzeedo is a site that posts tutorials and inspirational material from other designers and artists, so it’s useful as well as attractive. Ish. Regarding visual hierarchy and weight,  a few things could be improved.original

The name “abduzeedo” isn’t quite big enough. If you weren’t paying attention – and I rarely do – you’d probably overlook the name altogether. The links to other media sites are just a tad too attention-seeking placed where they are, and the advertisements are also too noticeable. So I tweaked it to fit my own standards and to abide by the laws of visual hierarchy by making the name of the site bigger, reducing the size of the ads, and placing the links along the top, which is usually where people expect to find them.

my version


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