Researching User Experience – Activity 3

The list of user research methods found in the suggested article by NN/g proved to be useful in furthering my knowledge of how best to communicate with clients and discern their needs in the most effective manner.

Long story short, behavioural method is the study of what people do. Attitudinal method is the study of what people say. Qualitative method involves a direct approach. Quantitative method can be employed through less direct approaches, such as surveys or polls.

There’s a project in which I am currently involved that would best profit from a behavioural/qualitative method of approach. Through face-to-face meetings and conversations, the task of deciding upon a style for their website is relatively easy and therefore not particular time-consuming, as perhaps the attitudinal method might be in this situation. Were the site for a larger group of many different types of people, the behavioural method would work with less efficiency and the quantitative method would come in handy.


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